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About Our Staff And Founders

Corey Bullock is a dedicated consultant, he has 17 years of law enforcement experience in planning and managing investigations, security, and public service. Corey has served his country honorably as a Military Police Officer. He has a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration with a concentration in Management. He has strong qualifications in budgeting, resource management, public safety, and emergency response.He also possesses knowledge of research and problem-solving skills.Corey has a reputation for strong work ethics and devotion to service. Corey has assisted Master Tactical Arms LLC with strong continual developmental methods, to aid our customers with their purchasing experience.

Delvin Heath is an experienced developer with Master Tactical Arms LLC, as well as an Informational Technologist. Delvin is an experienced computer programmer. His abilities consist of maintaining and developing support application programs for Web and mobile systems. Delvin also possesses the ability to analyze code for system testing and debugging; create test transactions to find, isolate and rectify IT issues. He is advanced in software development lifecycle, project planning, quality assurance, systems analysis, release management, development practices, problem resolution and user interface design. Delvin also possesses the expertise of team building and leadership. Delvin is an innovator offering several years of experience in customizable solutions. He is well advanced in developing methodologies, and processes contributing to the design and rollout of cutting-edge firearms.